WebSite: World eBook Library

From the website:

“World’s largest eBook Consortia
Housed in World eBook Library Multi-Terabyte server network is the world’s largest digital archive of PDF eBooks and eDocuments. Our collection hosts more than 330,000+ PDF eBooks and eDocuments. As a member you will have complete access to the entire collection. Our collection is constantly growing. Our projection is to reach 500,000 by fall of 2007.”

Only $8.95 per year!  It seems to be worth it.  Do any of you use this service?  Leave a comment on how you like it.

WebSite: World Of Inspiration

You should check out the World Of Inspiration website:

Here are some quotes from their homepage:

“There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: Those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.”

Ray Goforth

“Many of us spend half our time wishing for things we could have if we didn’t spend half our time wishing.”


“Success is not to be measured by the position someone has reached in life, but the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed.”

Booker T. Washington

Rocketboom: Breakdancing

Today’s rocket boom is worth watching.

Today’s episode shows a break dancing event in NYC.  It is just amazing what some people can do with their bodies.  Anyway, it is worth a look.

JOKE: Manager and two workers go out to eat

I heard this joke at Toastmasters yesterday.  I thought it was pretty funny and that you might enjoy it as well.

A Manager and two workers go out to lunch.  At lunch they see this old lamp on their table.  They begin to rub it and sure enough a genie comes out.  The genie says, “Normally I would give you three wishes.  But since there are three of you, I will give each of you one wish.”

Worker 1 says, “Let me go first.”

The Genie says, “What is your wish?”

Worker1: “I want to go to Florida, be on the beach all day, and not have to worry about anything.”

And just like that, it was done.

Worker 2 says, “Let me go next”

The Genie says, “What is your wish?”

Worker 2 says, “I would like to Hawaii and surf all day.”

And just like that, it was done.

Next it was the Manager’s turn, and the Genie says, “What is your wish?”

The manager says, “I want those two workers back here right now so they can finish their jobs!”

Moral of the story: “Let your manager go first!”

Bush: “Is that Sam Donaldson?”

I like reading the quotes in the U.S. News & World Reports. You find people saying all sorts of interesting things. In the August 14-21, 2006 edition, we have the following Bush quote:

“Is that Sam Donaldson? Forget it. You’re a has-been. We don’t have to answer has-beens’ questions.”

The caption under it says, “President Bush, at a ceremony to close the old pressroom for renovation during which past media and White House press personalities like Donaldson, who shouted a question, appeared.”

My first thought was, “What was the question?”

The question appears to have been, “Should Mel Gibson be forgiven for claiming that the Jews start all the wars?” (Source: The Raw Story and YouTube)

My second thought was, “How could a President treat such a distinguished reporter that way? And he may not have to answer ‘has-beens” questions, but he need to answer Citizens’ questions, and Sam is a citizen.”

Well, thanks to the power of the Internet, I was able to see a live video recording of the event on YouTube The entire event was a funny event with the President calling himself a “Crackpot from Texas”. Based upon the video, everything was said in jest.  I do not even think that Sam was asking a serious question but rather just going along with the mood.  Yet, that is not what was communicated by the U.S. News & World Report blurb.

Roadtrip Nation

Michael Marriner and Brian McAllister from Roadtrip Nation came to my work today and talked about their roadtrip that they took after college. They also showed several short documentaries of their trip.
Here is the blurb about it from the RoadTrip Nation website:

“Roadtrip Nation was started when some recent college grads, who had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives, decided to take a roadtrip to figure it out. They bought an old run-down 31-foot RV, painted it neon green, and hit the road for 3 months and 17,000 miles to explore how other individuals found their roads in life. Along the way, they interviewed over 80 people, including: a Lobsterman in Maine, the scientist who decoded the Human Genome, the Director of Saturday Night Live, the stylist for Madonna, and Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz. All of the leaders shared where they were in their twenties, and how they resisted pressures of conformity to find their roads in life.”

Here are some quotes that came from the documentary. Many come from college students that they interviewed.

“What’s the next step? I don’t know and it scares me.”

“Small decision now will affect my entire life”

“Sometimes I feel like the path that I am on was laid out for me some way”
“I don’t need to sit here and say I’m going to do this or I’m going to do that. I’m going to be who I am right now.”

“I’m still kind of lost about what my road will be, but I feel that will be part of my adventure”

“Everyone’s road was completely different, but the one thing that we say was no one’s path was linear.”

“Live your life with integrity.” –be true to yourself

“You are hardwired to do something in this world. All of the seeds for what you are to become are there. It is just a matter of accessing it and fulfilling it.”

“Let’s be honest with ourselves. If we do not have the answers, then let us not pretend that we do.”

Sam Ross, Founder of Fantastic Sams: “When you want to do what you want to do, you got to throw the book away. And as long as you do it honestly, then you will win every time”

Interviewer: “What if you don’t know what you want to do?”

Sam Ross: “It will come to you”

Interviewer: “What do you do until then?”

Sam Ross: “Keep breathing”

They wrote three books that were a result of what they learned during the roadtrip about how other people found their paths and how you can find your path.

Roadtrip Nation: A Guide to Discovering Your Path In Life

Finding The Open Road: A Guide to Self-Construction Rather Than Mass Production (Roadtrip Nation)

Roadtrip Nation: Destination Unknown (Define Your Own Road in Life)

Star Wars parody – Chad Vader – Day Manager

This is a really funny Star Wars parody.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Can you walk a mile in 6 minutes?

Friday’s episode of RocketBoom featured Race Walking.  The gentleman in the show claims to be able to walk a mile in 6 minutes.  It is worth a look.

 So, what is the difference between walking and running when you do a mile in 6 minutes?  Well, it all comes down to form.  There are two rules that must be followed to be considered walking.  First, you must maintain contact with the ground at all times.  Second, the knee of the supporting leg must be kept straight from the time it touches the ground till the time it passes under the body.

 You can see Race Walking 101 for more information.


Product that will allow you to easily build a community wireless network

I have dreamed about building a wireless network in my community that would allow for our neighbors to connect to one another without depending on a internet connection, it would allow for wifi devices to operate all over the neighborhood, and it would allow for us to share our network connections to improve reliability and perhaps performance.

I have looked at MIT’s RoofNet project.  It looked interesting, but required a lot of time to research and get going.  A new company called Meraki Networks is planning to release some products to make it possible for people like us to create such a network.