Rails working with DreamHost!

Yes, I too have joined the ranks of the people that successfully gotten a rails app to work on DreamHost.com!  This is something that I have been toying with since August 2007!

There have been lots of things that helped:  One is this posting: www.railshosting.org/#dreamhost

the other is advice from a Houston Ruby user’s group member, Neils, that said to make rails run in the “root” of the domain and not in a sub folder.

Anyway, here is my rails app: a simple Hindi<->English dictionary foo.ispeakhindi.com 

Now that I have been able to get a rails app from dev to pro, it is time to start doing some serious rails development.  Now, I need to get my dev environment up to date with the latest version of rails.  There were some surprises like “start_form_tag” and “end_form_tag” are no longer used.  And I really need to get a GUI to start doing my development in.  I think I will try NetBeans though I have heard it is slow…

And I think I need to get capistrano working to make it a one click to deploy.  Got to get source control up and running.  Maybe I should install redmine to do my project/version management?  Need to figure out what I am going to use to write test scripts in.  Rspec?  Anyway, lots to do… but I can see the process from beginning to end.. So now time to start get cranking…

Team Viewer

Need to share your desktop or remote control somebody else’s computer to explain something or fix something?  Consider using Team Viewer.  It works  behind routers.  And it seems to work pretty well.  Plus it is free: