Added English-Hindi dictionary

I added a English-Hindi dictionary to that I found in the public domain.  You can see it at:

Leaving Aomori — headed back to Tokyo

Had a wonderful day in Aomori yesterday.  We went to the Mt. Hakkoda Snow March Memorial Museum, saw the statue of one of the survivors on Mt. Hakkoda.  We went on a RopeCar ride (same as cable car), saw the Nabuta festival floats, ate at an all Japanese ran Indian restaurant, then bought our tickets for the ride back.

Possible core for wearable computer?

Compulab has introduced a fanless PC, roughly the size of a paperback book, that consumes a mere 3 to 5 watts of power. The “fit-PC” comes with Linux preinstalled, and is intended to fit where conventional PCs won’t, according to the Haifa, Israel-based company.

Compulab says the fit-PC is based on the company’s CM-iGLX computer-on-module (COM), touted as the world’s smallest LX800-based single-board computer when it was introduced last fall. The module has a 500 MHz AMD Geode LX800 processor, and is equipped with 256 MB of DDR RAM and up to 512 MB of NAND flash.

in Aomori

We meet up with our friends from Houston that are visiting Japan.  We meet in Tokyo and have since come to Aomori.

Let me let you know some things that we have done in the past couple of days:

1) Pokemon center

2) Ueno Zoo

3) Natural Science Musuem in Ueno

4) Had dinner at my friend’s home (Yagi-san’s house)

5) Dropped off luggage at the hotel that we are going too.

I’m sure there are some other things that I can’t remember.

Tokyo day tour, Mt. Fuji, Kidzania

Day before yesterday when on a morning Tokyo city tour.  We went up the Tokyo Towers, went to the Meiji Shrine, visited the double bridge at the Imperial Palace, and ended up in Ginza at a Pizza and Pasta place.  Then in the afternoon went to the Children’s castle, which was closed on Tuesday, because it is normally closed on Monday, and Monday was a national holiday, so it was open on monday.  Then went to the UN University next door.  Christopher enjoyed taking pictures with many of the flags from different countries.  Then we went to the hotel and crashed.

Sonia and I had a bit of insomnia because of jet lag, so we watched Astronaut Farmer.  I really liked the movie and recommend it.

Yesterday we went on an all day tour to Mt. Fuji and surrounding areas.  We went up to the 5th station on Mt. Fuji, but it was all cloudy, so we could not see many good views.  We also went on a gondola ride but again it was so cloudy, you could not see anything.  We also went on a 30 minute boat ride on one of the lakes.  It was about a 2 hour trip from the city to the area.  So, we spent most of the day in the bus.

Today we are going to Kidzania with some friends, that should be good.  Tonight I have dinner with my co-workers.

2:07 AM and everyone is wide awake

Ok… Ok… you heard about the earth quake and you are wondering if I’m OK?  Well, here in Tokyo we only felt a little tremor.  It lasted only a few seconds and nothing to worry about.  But it was an interesting experience.

trying to convince the family to go to the Tsukiji Fish Market, but they are worried about the smell.  However, I think that boredom will convince them.

Went to Palace and Akihabara

Had an interesting morning.  Went to the edges of the Imperial Palace and wondered around Akihabara.  I think I am finally figuring out the subway system.  Taking lots of pictures.  Hope to post some soon.

Planning to do a bus tour tomorrow and maybe go to Mt. Fuji the next day.