Advantages of VexIQ Kit

The VexIQ robot system seems to have several advantages over the Lego Mindstorm.

1) Price:   VexIQ super kit is only $299.99 and contains the following:

The Super Kit is an all-encompassing introduction to STEM and robotics. Students can use the familiar handheld Controller to drive robots right out of the box or program them to run autonomously using the additional Smart Sensors. While the included Clawbot IQ instructions help students easily build their first robot, the intuitive snap-together parts mean the sky is the limit for their VEX IQ creations.

  • Over 850 Structural & Motion Components
  • 4 Smart Motors, 7 Sensors, Robot Brain, Controller & Batteries Included
  • Storage Bin & Tray included for organized storage of all parts

The Lego Mindstorm kit is about the same price, but limits you to 4 sensors and 4 motors.  The VexIQ will let you hookup 12 of either.  Also, there are a lot more gears and drive chain options that will allow for a wide variety of robots to be built:

You can program it in RobotC or using a graphical environment similar to Scratch called ModKit.


Micro Quad Copter with First Person display – everything you need for $389

This looks like a good way to get into the quad copter/first person camera/display hobby.  Everything you need in one box for less than $400.


Amazing Ultra Micro Quad
The tiny Blade® FPV Nano QX quadcopter is a totally immersive RC experience you can take everywhere. Incredibly light and surprisingly durable, the FPV Nano QX can be flown in spaces no bigger than an office cubicle. Its potent motors are smooth and Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSMX® radio technology delivers outstanding 4-channel maneuverability. But it’s the exclusive SAFE® technology built-in that offers a quadcopter experience like no other. That’s because the specially tuned SAFE system makes sophisticated flight envelope protection possible so flying is incredibly easy and more fun-even if it’s your first time. Plus, the Spektrum™ ultra micro FPV camera is already installed which means you can get started in the short time it takes to charge the batteries.

SAFE™ Technology
The Blade® FPV Nano QX features Horizon Hobby’s newest innovation in RC flight, SAFE® technology. This revolutionary system optimizes the FPV Nano QX for precision hovering and accuracy in two flight modes.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Elected Judges

I stumbled on John Oliver’s show “Last Week Tonight” a few weeks ago.  It is very humorous commentary.  Here is the latest one about issues with elected judges.  It does have a lot of bad language, so not recommended for kids.  But it will keep the adults entertained.

Some things to look forward to:





You might also be questioning the location of Bolivia.

Wil Smith’s Wisdom

You want something?

Go it.


Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have it.