Weekly Summary (April 26, 2020)

Accomplishments the week before April 26, 2020:

*Learn Fusion 360 in 30 Days: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrZ2zKOtC_-DR2ZkMaK3YthYLErPxCnT-
Day 5: Ice Cube Tray
Day 6: Hex Nut
Day 7: Handle Bar

* Countdown to the Moon: CountdownToTheMoon.org
1710 – Drishti www.countdowntothemoon.org/2020/04/25/1710-drishti/
1711 – Saif www.countdowntothemoon.org/2020/04/24/1711-saif/
1712 – Jalees
1713 – Jason www.countdowntothemoon.org/2020/04/23/1713-jason/
1714 – Ahsan www.countdowntothemoon.org/2020/04/21/1714-ahsan/
1715 – John www.countdowntothemoon.org/2020/04/20/1715-john/
1716 –Engr Muhammad Aqib www.countdowntothemoon.org/2020/04/20/1716-engr-muhammad-aqib/

*Plans for the week
7 more Countdown To The Moon Interviews
Start back up with the Learn Autocad Fusion 360 in 30 days – later in the week
Read “1066 The Year of the Conquest” by David Howarth

Weekly summary (April 19, 2020)

Accomplishments the week before April 19, 2020:

* Finished John Scalzi’s “The Last Emperox” the final book of the Interdependency Trilogy. I started reading Scalzi last year starting with the “Old Man’s War” series. And have read his first novel “Agent to the Stars”, “The Android’s Dream”, “Fuzzy Nation”, “Head On”, and many other books. I highly recommend Scalzi’s work

* Countdown to the Moon: CountdownToTheMoon.org
1717 – Ally & Caleb: www.countdowntothemoon.org/2020/04/18/1717-ally-caleb/
1718 – Mahmood: www.countdowntothemoon.org/2020/04/17/1719-mahmood/
1719 – Alex: www.countdowntothemoon.org/2020/04/16/1720-alex/
1720 – Brad: www.countdowntothemoon.org/2020/04/15/1721-brad/
1721 – Saira: www.countdowntothemoon.org/2020/04/14/1722-saira/
1722 – Caesar: www.countdowntothemoon.org/2020/04/13/1722-caesar/
1723 – Rehan: www.countdowntothemoon.org/2020/04/12/1723-rehan/

*Learn Fusion 360 in 30 Days: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrZ2zKOtC_-DR2ZkMaK3YthYLErPxCnT-
Day 1: Lego Brick
Day 2: Beer Bottle
Day 3: Paperclip
Day 4: Whisky Bottle

*Plans for the week
7 more Countdown To The Moon Interviews
Complete Day 5-11 in the “Learn Fusion in 30 Days” course
Create a better weekly highlights video for next week by:
*Creating a script
*Learning basic video editing Thought for the week: You can do what you are willing to put your mind and energies toward. You can make this world a better place.