Friend of a Friend

One of my friends, has a friend that is a comedian.  I watched and voted for his act on Famecast.  Take a look and vote:

He has some of his skits posted on his website:


MySpace site:

New project to help people learn Hindi

I’ve started a new project to help people learn Hindi.  It is a daily podcast that covers various Hindi topics.  It was inspired by the wonderful podcast.

The new site is

I Speak Hindi will feature a podcast, learning materials that can be downloaded and printed, and online learning tools to help you learn Hindi.  I have been working on it for almost 2 weeks now, and it has been a very, very interesting experience.  Please check out and let me know what you think.


Need a graphics artist

I need a graphic artist to help with a project.  Here are two ideas that have been recommended to me:


PodCasting plug in for word press

This looks like a perfect add in for the Hindi podcast that I hope to do:

Want to keep profits in the community? Create a currency!

Interesting Yahoo article about a community in Great Barrington, Massachusetts creating a local currency to keep profits in the community.;_ylt=Ak0vyvE42B2veQVuLaanTkHMWM0F to Add DNA Test Results

“For less than $200 and a cheek-swiped cotton swab, you will soon be able to add DNA results to family tree Web sites.” 

DSL for the cost of Dial-up


News article:;_ylt=Aijjnykni1zQLnDSyu.87YPMWM0F

Maybe we can reverse this trend:

“Recently a study of broadband penetration rates around the world was in the news, because the US has fallen to 24th place worldwide, at 53%. ”,,2102304,00.html


Internet Explorer (IE) for Linux

 I go the link from this story:

I love Continental Airlines!!!

I just had the most wonderful experience with Continental Airlines!  I am going to fly continental even if I have to pay slightly higher for all my future bookings. 

I was to take a business trip to Tokyo in July.  So, I schedule a personal vacation in Tokyo around that trip.  I would fly in the weekend before the business meetings, then work all week, then the family would fly up the weekend afterwards and we would spend two+ weeks there and fly back together.

Well, I booked the family tickets, and then my business trip got cancelled.  So, then I went in to book my personal tickets online on Wednesday.  The family was leaving on the Friday, and arriving on Saturday.  In my haste, I booked to leave on Saturday.  I did not realize it today.  I called Expedia and they could not do anything but suggested I called Continental directly.  I called Continental directly, they changed the tickets, without charge or hassle!!!  And they made sure we were all sitting together.

 Thank you Continental!!