The power of the Internet in your car

Autonet Mobile is offering a device and service that will let you connect your wifi devices to the internet from your car.

Costs:  $595 for the device and $39 per month.

Speeds:  download: 600-800Kbps; uploads 200Kbps

Range:  within 100 ft from the car

Service area is not mentioned.  But it does say 3G and 2.5G (EVDO and 1xRTT) are both supported and that this provides nationwide travel.

The one thing I would like to know is how much energy the device uses and about what it would take to power it while the car is off.  This could provide residental access too, since your car is probably at home when you are at home.  Plus it could provide access when you are at family picnics, swim meets, etc.  It actually might be more interesting to not have it mounted in the car but in a portable device so it can be a hotspot where ever you are….

got an Amazon Kindle!!

I got an Amazon Kindle for my 11th year marriage anniversary as a gift from my wife.  The more I play with it, the more I like it.  I’m going to try to keep from buying a physical book again.    It is really nice.  I really like the ePaper.  It is very nice to read.  It is light, the battery lasts a long time.    Take a look at their site: Amazon Kindle

I’ll post more when I get a chance…

Hosting an Internation Chessmaster

This week my sons are going to chess camp and we have the honor of hosting on of the teachers.  He has a rating greater than 2300+ and is an international chessmaster.  I played two games with him and was white the first time..

First game:

  1. e4     e5
  2. Nf3   Nc6
  3. g3    Nf6  (I think this is the point that he started getting the advantage… the rest of the game goes poorly)
  4. Nc3    Bc5
  5. d3      Ng4
  6. Be3     xNe3
  7. xe3     xBe3
  8. Nd5     Bh6
  9. h4       d6
  10. g4       xBg4
  11. Be2      o-o
  12. Nh2     xQh4+
  13. kf1       Bh3+
  14. Kg1      Qg3++

The second game I did a little better, but it took longer to loose…  (I ran out of paper and it did not seem constructive to write it down anyway, so I don’t show the checkmate.  leave a comment below if you think you know how the game ended and what moves were made.

Game 2

  1. e4      c5
  2. Nf3    Nc6
  3. c3      Nf6
  4. e5      Nd5
  5. d4      xd4
  6. xd4     e6
  7. Be2     Be7
  8. o-o    o-o
  9. Nd2     d6
  10. Ne4      xe5
  11. xe5      Qc7
  12. Qd3     xNe5
  13. xNe5    xQe5
  14. f4        Qc7
  15. Kh1     Bd7
  16. Bd2     Bc6
  17. a3       Rd8
  18. Qg3     Nf6
  19. xNf6     xBf6
  20. Bc3      xBc3
  21. xQc3     Qe7
  22. Rf2       Rc8
  23. Qa5      b6
  24. Qa6      Bb7
  25. Qa4      Qh4
  26. Rf1        Rc5
  27. xQa7      Rc1
  28. xQb7     xQf2
  29. Qf3       xRf1
  30. xBf1      xQf3
  31. xf3       Rd1
  32. Kg2       Rd2+
  33. Kg1       xRb2
  34. h4         Ra2
  35. h5         xRa3
  36. Kf2        Rc3
  37. Kg3       Rc5
  38. Kg4       b5
  39. d3         b4
  40. Bb1       b3

.,,….   after several more moves… white loses..