First basic Hindi quiz flash program

Below is my first attempt at using the limited knowledge I have with regards to flash to do something “useful”.  It quizzes you on the following sounds:  क, का, कि,  and की.  It starts off by saying on of these sounds.  If you didn’t catch it, then click “replay” to hear it again.  Press the letter you think it is.  If you are right, it will say “correct” and go to the next one.  If you are wrong, then it will display “wrong” and go on to the next one.  In the upper right side of the screen, it keeps track of the number correct vs the total number.

Learning to create flash games

I want to create some flash games to help people lean Hindi on my site.  I got the 30 day try to Adobe Flash, and got the book “Foundation Game Design with Flash” by Rex van der Spuy.  It is fantastic.  I have a programming background, but I think this book starts you off basic enough that I want my 11 year-old and 7 year old to go through it.  (They have been wanting to make flash games for a long time… And it isn’t that hard to do something simple.)

I’m only at the end of chapter 3, and this is what I have been able to create.  Note, every single graphic on this was produced by me falling directions in the book.  There is no, “just copy this graphic and place it here”, it is literally teaching how to draw all these things and create the scene.  Really great!