Math 3334: Class Notes

Def 7 Suppose M is a point collection. The statement taht P is a boundary point of M means P is a point and R is a region containing P, then R contains a point of M and a point not in M.

Prob 5 No point of a region is a boundary point.

Prob 6 Every region has a boundary point.

Prob 7 If P is a limit point of the point set M must P belong to M?

1) S1 and S2 are subsets of numbers.

2)  S1 and S2 have no number in common.

3) Each point in S1 is to the left of each point in S2.

4)The union of S1 and S2 is the real numbers R.

5) Either S1 has a right most number or S2 has a left most number.

Prob 8 There is a positive number t such that t*t=3.

Prob 9 If M is a number collection and B is a number such that each number in M is less than B than there is a number L such that no number in M exceeds L and if a is a number less than L, than there is a number in M greater than a.

Def 8 The statement that t is a graph means G is a point collection.

Def 9 The statement that f is a function meeans f is a graph such that no two points of f has the same first number.

A boy genius who played his numbers just right – National –

A boy genius who played his numbers just right – National –

Milton Friedman’s “Free to Choose”

I have read the book, which I recommend.

Free to Choose: A Personal Statement

I have not seen the movies yet, but found a link to them today.

“Free To Choose” TV Series by Milton Friedman

Nifty Corners – rounded corners without images

This is a neat programming trick to creat boxes with rounded corners without using images.

Nifty Corners

iPod City – questions about working conditions

This article talks about Apple’s iPod manufacturing in China.
Trade unions take issue with “iPod City” report – Engadget

This raises several conditions in my mind:

1) What are the working conditions like for the people that produce and deliver the items we use everyday?

2) What responsibility should we accept for those working conditions?   Is the worker completely responsible for the working conditions he will accept?  Or should the buyer have share some responsibility as well?

3) Even if the working conditions are unacceptable by our standards, are they an improvement?  And if it is an improvement, will it continue to improve?

As a consumer, we look at only price vs. value.  But as a citizen, we must look at the entire package.  Not only for working conditions, but also in regards to the environment, and many other issues.  I believe there is a lot of value in “think global, act local”.

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories – How to make the simplest electric motor

Create a motor from a C cell battery, a wire, a screw, and a small magnet.  Looks really cool.  I’m going to try to do this at home tonight.
Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories – How to make the simplest electric motor