Reflections on Countdown to the Moon a year ago – 1810 – Sunil

I am trying to think where I was driving from. Did I go to tennis? Did I drop Christopher off at tennis. Anyway, it was late in the day and I didn’t know who I could interview. The idea of interviewing Sunil popped into my head. I called him up, explained to him my project and he said it would be fine to stop by.

Sunil is OK with going to the moon as long as it doesn’t cause his taxes to go up. He does not see how it involves him. He makes a good point that we talk about all the good out of the Apollo program, about the technological spinoffs, and the creation of a large technical workforce that may have directly resulted in the creation of silicon valley and many of the computer, aircraft, and automobile advancements over the next decades. But was there anything bad that came out of it?

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