Reflections on Countdown to the Moon a year ago – 1811 – Ammaar

Ammaar works at our local Starbucks. I probably saw him several dozen times. But I didn’t actually realize it until a week or so after the interview when I went to Starbucks and he recognized me, but I failed to make the connection.

Ammaar is excited about us returning to the moon. He thinks it will be a good thing. And that we need to push further. With right intentions and the right systems in place we can go in a way that is safe and respectful of everyone interests. “I don’t think the moon can be messed up.”

He is excited about what Elon Musk is doing. “I believe in Elon Musk” “He is a genius.”

I hope to cross paths with Ammaar again. I have not seen him at Starbucks, but with masks on and not going inside doesn’t mean that he isn’t there. I’d like to know how his interest in space exploration has changed over the past year with the pandemic on one hand, and successes on the other hand like the two SpaceX missions that carried people.

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