Reflections on Countdown to the Moon a Year Ago – 1809 -Sierra

It was late in the day. Christopher, Sonia, and I had gone to the boba place. I was like who can I interview. There were people working at the boba place, but I was trying not to interview people who were working. (I’ve since given that up and everyone is a potential interview candidate). We sat there drinking our Boba, playing Mastermind. And Christopher knew one of the people that worked there. Sierra goes to Klein Cain High school also.

The conversation with Sierra was very giggly at the beginning. It made me realize how “date game showy” the phrase of putting the “first woman and the next man on the moon” is. Sierra even asked if they were going to live there. And in addition to the reasons I outlined before about how “the first woman” is not the objective that we want to be in people’s minds. It may be easy to rally some broad support around it, but as soon as it is achieved on that first flight, that support will disappear and it will be like “Why are we still going?”

We need to focus the message on the future of humanity is in the stars. The moon is a step towards that. Everything else will short change us.

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