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I’ve been running the – Learn Hindi site for over 4 years now.  I am constantly on the look out for ideas to incorporate.  I have quite a list, probably enough to keep going for a long time.  But today I get an email from ArabicPod announcing that they have a new lesson: #432 Favorite Flower:


Clicking on the link takes you to the lesson on the site:


You can not do anything other than vote on the lesson without signing up.  Also, they have a random word on the right:


This would be an easy thing to do on to add a random word to the right.  It would be a good compliment to the master 4 Hindi words a day tool.   I was thinking of adding a random vocabulary question to the side as well.  Also, maybe other languages exercises as well.

Also from the list of lessons page: there is this link:


Clicking on that gives you a list of countries and people that have Skype Ids:


Clicking on “View all Users” gives:


The one improvement would be if it could show their Skype status.  But I think this is only possible if the person allows for you to be on their friends list. 

Ideas that I want to implement:

  1. Add random word to the left side
  2. Add random vocabulary quiz
  3. Add random question quiz (take the questions associated with the lessons and allow for people to answer them.  It can direct them to the episode with the answer.)
  4. Add “Skype ID” to user’s profile
  5. Add a view that will let visitors see members based upon the presence of the SkypID.

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