Rails working with DreamHost!

Yes, I too have joined the ranks of the people that successfully gotten a rails app to work on DreamHost.com!  This is something that I have been toying with since August 2007!

There have been lots of things that helped:  One is this posting: www.railshosting.org/#dreamhost

the other is advice from a Houston Ruby user’s group member, Neils, that said to make rails run in the “root” of the domain and not in a sub folder.

Anyway, here is my rails app: a simple Hindi<->English dictionary foo.ispeakhindi.com 

Now that I have been able to get a rails app from dev to pro, it is time to start doing some serious rails development.  Now, I need to get my dev environment up to date with the latest version of rails.  There were some surprises like “start_form_tag” and “end_form_tag” are no longer used.  And I really need to get a GUI to start doing my development in.  I think I will try NetBeans though I have heard it is slow…

And I think I need to get capistrano working to make it a one click to deploy.  Got to get source control up and running.  Maybe I should install redmine to do my project/version management?  Need to figure out what I am going to use to write test scripts in.  Rspec?  Anyway, lots to do… but I can see the process from beginning to end.. So now time to start get cranking…

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