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Gwynne Shotwell interview about Saturday launch


Elon Musk lecture on technical and cost cutting aspects in Spacex.

On the timeline summary of the Universe, there are several key points: formation of stars formation of systems formation of planets single cell life developing on a planet multi cellular life developing on a planet live become conscience What else would be on that list? The jump of life from one planet to another would be… Read More »

A Trillion Humans

In 1970 there were roughly half as many humans as in 2016 and the growth continues.  The 7.4 billion that are on the Earth in 2016 are on average living longer, more materially better lives than the 3.7 billion in 1970.  The people of 2016 are more connected and more empowered, have better access to… Read More »

The fork in the road

Humanity is standing at a fork in the road of time.  A choice that will be looked back upon for the significance of choosing rightly or will be buried under the sands of time with the rest of us.  A choice of maintaining the unnatural view that earth is the center of the universe or… Read More »

Four Attributes of a Space Transportation System With Radical Improvements in Cost

On Tuesday, 9/27/2016, Elon Musk addressed an audience of about two thousand people to outline his “Mars Colonial Transportation System” which had been in the works for years.  But more importantly, he made a compelling argument about the attributes required by any system that seeks to make a radical improvement in cost of space transportation:… Read More »

Space ventures to keep an eye on

There are quite a few things going on that have the potential of expanding people kind’s place in the universe. It is sometimes hard to keep track of them, so here is a list to get you started:   Space Elevator Space Elevator explained on Wikipedia International Space Elevator Conference LiftPort Group is looking to build… Read More »

Budget Crunch Delays NASA’s Moon Ship,,-6447788,00.html    

You could work on NASA’s Crew Exploration Vehicle Program

  On Saturday, August 12, 2006 there will be a job fair for positions that will work on the Crew Exploration Vehicle.  You can find more at  Also, I have compiled information about all the jobs listed into a spreadsheet.