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MRF24J40 connection to Arduino

    Pin mapping: MRF Arduino GND 1 GND RESET 2 6 INTR 4 2 Interrupt 0 SDI 5 11 MOSI SCK 6 13 SCK SDO 7 12 MISO CS 8 7 VIN 10 3V3  

Logging 3 photo-resistors

  I have three photoresistors in my study that are measuring light coming from 3 directions and showing the live and historical data on the graphs below. How did I do it? Simple circuit.  Here is how the Arduino is hooked up.  (The resistors are 10k.) /* Simple test of the functionality of the photo… Read More »

Arduino on a BreadBoard and using the MRF24J40MA ZigBee module

Two accomplishments today.  First, I was able to use the Atmel 328P chip outside of the Arduino board.  What is the benefit of this?  First, cost..  The Arduino UNO is currently $25 but the Atmel 328P is only $1,86 if you buy it on eBay, and only a few dollars more if you buy it from… Read More »

Magic Card Scanner

My youngest son has thousands of Magic cards that he wants to scan. Instead of doing it manually, I thought it would be good to create a simple device to take a picture, move the card from the top, take a picture, etc. Here you can see one of the early iterations of it actually… Read More »


Teaching kids the basics of electronics and programming is something that I have been working on doing through my GadgetCamps.  The GadgetCamps is 100% hands on.  Hooking up circuits, typing in code, seeing how things work.  There are many ways to make things “hands on”.  The TeleScrap Book takes a unique approach.  And it is… Read More »

Super Awesome Sylvia shows the LOL shield for the Arduino

I had three weeks of Arduino camps for middle school kids. It was a big hit. Today, I see this video that has an awesome introduction to the Arduino LOL (Lots of LEDs) shield. It is a wonderful little video that will bring a smile and inspiration to anyone who watches it.  

Second week of GadgetCamps

Last week we had 6 middle school students at our first GadgetCamp.  That was just the perfect number of students for the space at the Mathnasium that we are using.  The kids learned many things.  How to identify the parts in their kits such as the Arduino microcontroller board, the usb cable, LEDs, resistors, wires,… Read More »

Getting ready for our first Electronics Camp for kids

We are only 1 week away from our first Electronics Camp for Kids that will teach basic circuits and programming to kids in middle school. We had our first run through today. Everything went well. Supplies for the electronics camp are coming in. I am now the the proud owner of 15 Arduino boards. We… Read More »

Follow Me Game {update}

Earlier, I had published a post about my implementation of the MySimon game.  Recently I got some arcade buttons and was able to make the game a lot more enjoyable to play.  Here is the way it looks now:  See it in the video:   See the previous post: