From One Blue Sphere

In a cosmos void and lifeless vast, Where stars gleamed cold, and shadows cast, Lay empty realms, a silent space, Without a pulse, a breath, a trace.

But from one blue and teeming sphere, Emerged a race, that conquered fear. With dreams as vast as skies above, Humanity soared on wings of love.

They took the seeds of life they knew, And ‘cross the void, those seeds they threw. To barren worlds and empty moons, To silent nights and endless noons.

With tech and touch, they wove a dance, Gave planets chance, a second glance. Where once was stillness, now there thrived, New forms of life, awake, alive.

Oceans bloomed and forests grew, Skies turned pink, then orange, then blue. Creatures stirred in seas and land, All shaped by humanity’s hand.

And thus, the once dead universe, Heard songs, and tales, a poet’s verse. For every corner, nook and cranny, Echoed with life, from Mercury to uncanny galaxies.

A testament to the human will, That cannot sit, that cannot still. In a lifeless void, cold and vast, Humanity ensured life would last.

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