Reflections on Countdown to the Moon a year ago – 1798 – Karastin

Last January I was attending Yoga weekly. I was interviewing a person each week. It took care of one of the days. It was neat to sit down and find out a little more about the people in the class. The previous week I interviewed Huong. The week before that Charlie. And in future weeks I would interview Karastin’s friend, and I think after that I went to the UK and then the lockdowns happened. How soon will we get back to normal?

Karastin mentioned a podcast about the people living in the Hi-Seas simulation in Hawaii. I believe it was The Habitat:

It is interesting that Karastin does not want to travel to space. But I would find out over the course of the year that many people have a fear of going to space. Perhaps many of them their most vivid and direct space memories are of the Challenger blowing up in 1986 or the Columbia disintegrating over Texas in 2003.

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