Reflections on Countdown to the Moon a year ago- 1799 – Ejaz

Ejaz is a dear friend of mine. I knew him since the early 2000s at HP. He has invited us over for a number of his celebrations. And I also attended his mosque on the nights that his family was hosting the Ramadan dinner. When I was living in New Hampshire but trying to work here in Houston and needed a place to stay, he let me stay with him.

Ejaz is the type of person that you want to know. That I would like to strive to be. He is infinitely talented, patience, and generous. I do not think there is anything that Ejaz could not do.

It was late on a Monday and I hadn’t found anyone to interview. What to do? I called Ejaz, explained to him my project and he was more than willing to be interviewed. If I remember right, it was late at night. Probably after 9.

The biggest question that Ejaz had was why did we stop and why are we going back. NASA needs to do a better job at relating its activities to everyday people. I think the North Houston Space Society can help with this as well.

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