Reflecting on my Countdown to the Moon a year ago with Sterling (1834)

A year ago today, Sonia, Stephen, Pooja, and I were downtown. There was a comedy show that Stephen and Pooja wanted to go see. While there I was looking around for someone to interview. There were lots of people to potentially interviewed. But Sterling had come up to ask for a handout. And I thought that since we were already talking he would be a good person to interview.

I was surprised by Sterling’s views. He had some serious points to make that we can all probably agree with.

(Sterling says it was Christmas day, but it was actually a couple of days before.)

He knew we were going to the moon

“Exploration is good to learn, but let it be beneficial.”

“As long as it doesn’t hinder life or stop learning then I am all for it.”

Do you think it will be inspirational?

“Depends on who you are.”

If you could go to the moon would you?


What would you like to see them do on the moon?


“This is what life is about yah, creative questions. Remember that!”

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