Reflecting on Countdown to the Moon a year ago 1835 – Tanmay

My father-in-law and mother-in-law usually go to the Hindu Worship Society of Houston on Sundays (before Covid). Occasionally my wife would go, and occasionally I would go as well. Back when I was learning Hindi, this was a good place to go to practice. The people are fantastic and willing to talk and share. They also serve food on Sundays which is wonderful too.

This was the obvious place for me to go for the first Sunday of my project. These would be people that I would be fairly comfortable talking to and who would be willing to talk to me.

I was able to strike up a conversation with Tanmay who is going to Brown university studying international development. He had heard that we were going back to the moon. He does think it will inspire people to study STEM.

He wonders what we expect to find on the moon. Are we looking for life? Resources? What is our ultimate goal?

This is a key question that we have got to answer for people. Our goal is to create the ability to start branching out into the rest of the solar system. To start doing space mining and manufacturing. To start using the resources of space.

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