Coding Contests and other Python resources


I have been looking at some of the various contest problems.  Every year HP sponsors a contest called HP CodeWars and looking through some of the problems, the kids should be able to solve some (with minor modifications of the problems) today.  I have printed out a handful which we can give to the kids that are further ahead to keep them engaged.  We can also integrate them into future lessons as well:
Here are some other contest problems that we can use or get ideas from:
American Computer Science League:
Cornell University High School Programming Contest:
USA Computing Olympiad:
UIL Computer Science:
Battle of the Brains:
Other Python Resources:
Tying in Robotics using Raspberry Pi:
OpenCV using Python:
Communicating to the Arduino in Python:
Running Python on the Arduino (Python on a chip):
Python related Arduino lessons:
Understanding Internet protocols by building servers/clients:
Sockets overview and creating an Echo server:
Build a webserver in Python:
Webclient (extremely simple):
Python Chat server:
Creating web applications in Python (review of options and frameworks):
Leave a comment with Python resources you think I should check out.


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