3D printer that can print circuits ($9,000)


The Voxel8 3D printer (www.voxel8.co/) can print cavities to place electronics and components and print conductive material to connect them.  The video from CES will give you an idea of what they can do.  They print a quadcopter frame, pausing to have the controller board, motors, LED inserted in, and print the conductive material to connect them together.  Pretty amazing that it is only $9,000.


2 thoughts on “3D printer that can print circuits ($9,000)

  1. Hi Kyle! It is pretty cool being able to print the conductive material in the plastic. HP had a video on their 3D printer in development. It is supposed to allow for the material to change how much it flexes, conducts heat, and conductance as it prints. It sounded pretty awesome.

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