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I am working with Sara, a friend from Venezuela to create a Spanish site to teach Hindi.  It launches tomorrow with a Hindi word of the day with an audio cast and text for Spanish speakers at  It has required a lot of work to create some relatively short programs.  And most of that work had to do with things that could be automated.

Let me explain our process so far:

1) Create a script.  You can see the list of scripts we have created so far:

You have to create a link to each script.  Put the text in English/Hindi (if I am working on it) and in Spanish/English/Hindi if Sara is working on it.  Then if we have questions or need help about the script, we add a note.  The other person can look at recent changes in the wiki to see this.  It can take a while to create a script.  Each of these scripts probably represent at least 2 hours of work.

2) Record the Spanish part.  After the script is ready, Sara will record the Spanish part.  You can see examples of this on this page:

Listen to some of the files under “recording by Sara”.

3) Then we have to record the Hindi part.  To do this, I need a list of the Hindi words/phrases and who says them (Nariandas or Meena).  To create that list, I scan through the scripts looking for Hindi.  Then I created another wiki page to track this:

Then I sit with Meena and Nariandas to record the Hindi.  Recording each of these files took some time in Audacity.  I had to give each file a name that reflect to the word.  I had to click “OK” on the MP3 properties dialog box.  All that time adds up.  It probably takes at least a minute for each of the phrases/words…

4) Then I have to mix the Spanish and Hindi together.  I listen to the Spanish in Audacity and read along with the script.  Sara leaves pauses for me to know where the Hindi needs to go.  Then I find the right Hindi file, insert it in.  I try to match the volume between the two recordings, but have not been able to do a good job at this.   Editing each of the recordings probably takes 15 minutes.

5) Then a post needs to be created in WordPress on  This means copying the script from the wiki to WordPress and removing all the English.  Also, have to upload the final recording and set it up in the PodPress.  This probably takes about 5 minutes a recording.  And set the go live date to the appropriate day.

Here are the totals for one script:

2 hours script creation/editing

?? Record by sara

15 minutes to record the Hindi

15 minutes to mix together

5 minutes to post on HabloHindu

Therefore, each 30 second – 1minute HabloHindu episode is currently taking around 2 and a half hours to create.  I think it might be possible to get that down to 30 minutes or less using an automated solution.  I’ll talk about that in the next post.

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