Yagi-san – day 16 – Friday


On the way to Beaumont, we stopped at subway


And then we stopped at the Ben J. Rogers Regional Visitors center where we found the most wonderful people to help us.  If you are traveling towards Beaumont on I-10 from Houston, then you should definitely stop by and visit.


HPIM9239 HPIM9235 HPIM9236 HPIM9237 HPIM9238


Next we visited Gator Country.  It was actually before the Visitor Center in geography, but we didn’t know about it.  So after getting the information from the visitor center, we turned around and drove the 8 miles are so to see it.



They had lots of alligators and crocodiles.

Also, they had a snake that I got to hold.


stephen got to hold a baby alligator

HPIM9243 HPIM9244 HPIM9245 HPIM9247 HPIM9255 HPIM9257 HPIM9259 HPIM9285

This is there motto at Gator Country: "Quick Hands or NO hands"


Even Yagi-san held an alligator

 HPIM9302 HPIM9303 HPIM9304

Then we went to the Hilton in Beaumont and then ate at Johnny Carino’s Country Italian restaurant next door.

HPIM9333 HPIM9324

Stephen and Yagi-san played Shogi while we waited for our food…. (This is a good time to mention that we are building a site to teach people to play Shogi and to help them learn about the game.  Check out www.IPlayShogi.com when you get a chance.. Not much there but a few pointers to other sites… but you might want to at least book mark it.


After eating, we went bowling.

 HPIM9329 HPIM9332

Then we called it a day and went to bed… very busy day the next day.

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