Yagi-san (day 10 – Saturday)

This day had a lot of driving.  First we went to my Aunt’s house in Bastrop.  the 9e-ranch (www.9e-ranch.com).


However, I had not checked with my Aunt about what time I would be arriving and she was away.  Also, we had not eaten yet.  So, we met her and my uncle at a nearby hamburger place.  We dropped my mom off for a mission trip.  Then we continued on to San Antonio where we met up with my dad and Carole.

There was an art event going on.  It had a parade:



We saw a glass blower:


We met up with my dad and Carole at the Menger hotel:


Teddy Roosevelt had recruited some of his roughriders here.  So, there are some documents, pictures, and other things from that era.




Then we went to the Alamo next door:


Then we went to the riverwalk and ate at Rita’s

Then we went back to Alamo plaza and went through the 4D scary ride, and the haunted maze.  Then we went home to get ready for the next day.

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