Thinking about July 4th

July 4th is a wonderful time.  Celebrating the birth of our nation.  This brings great happiness.  But lately, as I think about the true difference that America represented, I have become sad and thoughtful.

America was not the first representative  government.  It was not the first democracy.  But it was the first government that at the beginning set out with the notion of “Limited government”.  All the governments that I have studied seem to focus more on who would lead, but I have not heard of another government created with the intent that it would be powerless in some areas.

I believe this is truly what made America what it is.  The notion that the government is a very powerful solution.  But like taking a nuke to kill an ant hill, it should be employed with great care and restraint.

But I believe this concept of “Limit government” is long dead.  We now look to the government to solve all our social concerns.  We look to it to care for the sick, provided for the retired and helpless, to educate our young and re-educate our old, to research the future, to ensure we all have jobs, to provide peace and security in the world.

It also seems we are caught in a 20/20 cycle.  The more missions the government takes up, the more resources it needs to consume.  The more it consumes, the more we expect of it.  And so on..

Also, it seems like every government failure can be answered by spending more money.

I wish it wasn’t so late so I could talk more about this.  (Don’t worry there will be other posts.)  But let me leave you with these questions:

1) What does “Limited Government” mean?

2) Do you believe that the US government is “Limited” in any way?

3) Does this concern you?

4) What is the role of the federal government?

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