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Lots of progress is being made on  However, after talking to a friend of mind that runs a high traffic website, I think I have a long ways to go.

First, I need a lot of indexable content.  This means getting the Hindi content on the web site in the form of text, not just podcasts.  It also means linking to other people’s website.

Second, Need to keep the site well maintained and professional looking.  Need a solution to organizing links to other sites on  WordPress.  Need good graphics.  Need to ensure all the content is correct and of high quality.

Third, need to have high quality recordings.  Need better recording equipment, in a better environment, with no background noises.  Need to create scripts.

Fourth, need to participate in online discussion groups and get cross linking going on.  Put the in the signature.  Reference content on, etc.

Fifth, need to get listed in all the directories.

Sixth, submit to all the search engines

Seventh, once the audio programs are of a consistently high quality and routinely being published, get listed in the iTunes podcast directory.  Get listed in other directories.

Eighth, send out press releases.

I think it is going to take many, many months to build the site to the point that it will be worth looking at.  Right now I have been focused on recording the podcasts.  But I need to work on getting the written material as well.

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