Morning adventures

Went to McDonalds for breakfast…. I know, not exactly experiencing Japan, but after traveling so much and the jet lag, wanted something safe.

Got a Tokyo Metro Rail day pass.  Went to the Pokemon center, wasn’t open yet, so went to the Currency Museum.  Never made it back to the Pokemon center, because everyone was wet, tired, and hungry.  Went to Taj for lunch.  Stopped by a Puchinco parlor (only for 18 and over, so could not stay long), stopped by the convince store to get milk.  Back at the hotel.

Storm supposed to becoming in a few hours.

Up and ready to go – 6:30 AM Japan time

No daylight savings time in Japan, so the sun comes up an hour earlier than places with it.  So, the sun is up at 5 AM.  That combined with jet lag mean that we are up at 6:30 all ready to go and explore Japan.  Item #1, find something for breakfast.

Got to go… more later..

Finally arrived!!

The plane finally took off from Houston at 3PM Houston time.  After 12+ hours of flying (was supposed to be 13.5 hours but I guess Continental decided to spend money on fuel to make up the loss time).  Arrived at Narita airport about 6 PM Saturday Japan time.  Went through immigration, went to baggage claim, went to the money exchangers.  Stephen exchanged some money on his own.  Of course Christopher had to do the same.  So, lots of money exchanging.  By the time we got through with that, it was 7PM local time.  Went to get a bus to our hotel, New Otani.  Bus left at 7:45.  While we were waiting, I got a cell phone.  I do not have to pay for incoming calls.  So, if you need to get a hold of me for the next 16 days, you can call:  08034914019.

Finally got to the hotel room by 9:48 PM  Anyway, really exhausted.  But wanted to let you know how the trip was progressing.

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Flight to Japan delayed 4 hours

I thought there might be delays with the weather and all in Japan.  Plus, it is always a good time to check.  So about an hour before we left home I checked and found it was delayed 10 minutes.  So we went to the airport, and found out that it had been delayed 4 hours!  I guess the plane took off late from Japan, so it is arriving late, so we will be leaving late.  Anyway, all our bags are checked in.  Now we are at home relaxing for a few hours and can go back to the airport at our leisure.

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Focused on Japan trip

For the reset of the month, expect for all my posts to touch on Japan in some way.  My family and I are leaving next Friday and will be back on the 30th.  I hope to blog and post lots of pictues while I am there.  So, stay tuned to find out about our adventures!

We have reservations for a very nice hotel, but I saw this ad for short term apartment leases.  There is a possibility that we will be able to get a 2 bedroom apartment with kitchen including stove, refrigrator, microwave.  It also has a washer/dryer.  So, that could be really, really cool!

Anyway, lots of planning and packing to do.