Tokyo day tour, Mt. Fuji, Kidzania

Day before yesterday when on a morning Tokyo city tour.  We went up the Tokyo Towers, went to the Meiji Shrine, visited the double bridge at the Imperial Palace, and ended up in Ginza at a Pizza and Pasta place.  Then in the afternoon went to the Children’s castle, which was closed on Tuesday, because it is normally closed on Monday, and Monday was a national holiday, so it was open on monday.  Then went to the UN University next door.  Christopher enjoyed taking pictures with many of the flags from different countries.  Then we went to the hotel and crashed.

Sonia and I had a bit of insomnia because of jet lag, so we watched Astronaut Farmer.  I really liked the movie and recommend it.

Yesterday we went on an all day tour to Mt. Fuji and surrounding areas.  We went up to the 5th station on Mt. Fuji, but it was all cloudy, so we could not see many good views.  We also went on a gondola ride but again it was so cloudy, you could not see anything.  We also went on a 30 minute boat ride on one of the lakes.  It was about a 2 hour trip from the city to the area.  So, we spent most of the day in the bus.

Today we are going to Kidzania with some friends, that should be good.  Tonight I have dinner with my co-workers.

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