C# – Creating a stream from a string

Ok.  I’m a .net newbie (have been for the past few years.)  But now I’m going to get passed all that, buckle down and learn it inside out.

One of the challenges that I have is some things require a “stream”.  So, you have a value in a variable but you can’t use it because it isn’t a stream. 

Well, finally got the solution to the problem:

StringReader strReader = new StringReader(stringVal);

Simple enough.  StringReader is a stream, and it takes a string value.

I got this solution from: weblogs.asp.net/whaggard/archive/2004/09/23/233535.aspx

Blogging to WordPress from FireFox

I just found this Deepest Sender add in for FireFox.  It lets you blog from a SideBar in FireFox.


Need to check out TED.com

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. It started out as a yearly conference back in 1984. It is a place for thinkers to get together, some of which are selected to give up to a 18 minute speech. You had to actually attend the conference before, but now you can watch the shows on ted.com

 Here are some speechs that I have watched that I think are worth watching:

Burt Rutan: Entrepreneurs are the future of space flight (video)

Nicholas Negroponte: The vision behind One Laptop Per Child (video)

Bill Clinton: TED Prize wish: Let’s build a health care system in Rwanda (video)

Ben Saunders: Three things to know before you ski to the North Pole (video)



Four guys have created a new meta-search site call iRazoo.  It provides a meta search using Yahoo and MSN.  The value add is that it allows for sites to be ranked based upon user feedback.  And it rewards feedback by allowing them to earn prizes. 

Here is a review of it in the Chronicle.