I love Continental Airlines!!!

I just had the most wonderful experience with Continental Airlines!  I am going to fly continental even if I have to pay slightly higher for all my future bookings. 

I was to take a business trip to Tokyo in July.  So, I schedule a personal vacation in Tokyo around that trip.  I would fly in the weekend before the business meetings, then work all week, then the family would fly up the weekend afterwards and we would spend two+ weeks there and fly back together.

Well, I booked the family tickets, and then my business trip got cancelled.  So, then I went in to book my personal tickets online on Wednesday.  The family was leaving on the Friday, and arriving on Saturday.  In my haste, I booked to leave on Saturday.  I did not realize it today.  I called Expedia and they could not do anything but suggested I called Continental directly.  I called Continental directly, they changed the tickets, without charge or hassle!!!  And they made sure we were all sitting together.

 Thank you Continental!!

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