Post experience with OpenSuse 10.2, Sierra Wireless Card, and Cingular 3G service

I got Open Suse 10.2 from  Installed it on my Compaq TC1000.  The installation went just fine.  Had to increase the screen size. 

 I get a terminal service prompt going.  Then I “su” to root.  Then “tail -f /var/log/messages”.  Pop in my Sierra Wireless Aircard 875.  I see it recognize it and map three tty’s to it:  /dev/ttyUSB0, /dev/ttyUSB1, and /dev/ttyUSB2. 

Then I set up a modem mapped to /dev/ttyUSB0, I follow the directions on:


Step 2. Configuring the modem

The last thing to do is configure the card as a modem so you can actually connect with it. Load up YaST or other favorite tool, and add a new modem using device /dev/modem, as in the following screenshots.



The important thing in the image above is the second intitialization command. For Cingular, it needs to be as follows:


The next step is creating the ISP/provider entry that contains the phone number to dial:


For Cingular, here are the correct details:

Phone number: *99***1#


Password: cingular1


Then I go to network manager, go to “Dial up connections”, connect to Cingular.

And it works just fine!

I did a speed test and get about 460kbps down.  (I got around 750kbps down under windows.)

It works reasonably fast!


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