Saving the environment through good choice on power

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we impact the environment.  Look a how much gasoline, electricity, water, and other things that you consume.  Now multiply that by 6 billion (estimated population of the Earth).  What do you think about that number?

Do the same with the garbage and sewage that you produce?  What do you think about that number??

This is something I hope to explore more in future posts.  But let me tell you what I found.

First off, thinking about Solar power, you probably did some research and found that it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to get a reasonable solar setup and you would still have to get some of your power from the grid.  Well, I found a company with the answer to the first part:  CitizenRe installs the solar panel with a $500 deposit and a minimum 5 year commitment and they sell you the power you need at a fix amount.  It seems like a really good deal.

Also, many power companies has programs that allow for you to buy all renewable power.  I just found out that Reliant, a provider in my area, has a program to allow for you to use all wind power.  Admittedly, there are some flaws with this program.  The first is that the power you get will not be produced by wind energy.  Instead, reliant will buy wind energy credits from a wind energy farm.  So that energy will be payed for, it will probably be produced, and most like consumed.  But I wonder if it really displaces the energy produced by dirtier means?  Still, it could be someting.

Look at the “Secure Wind Plan”.


Also, there is some action happening on the elecrtic car front.  Take a look at this site:



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