Chairman, Chairwoman, or Chairperson

Ok, I know it is a minor, insignificant thing. But I could not help turning it into a research project. It appears that Patricia Dunn has been referred to as chairman, chairwoman, and chairperson. It seems that a lot of the mainstream press such as MSNBC and NYTimes use Chairwoman. But HP and CSPAN (title shown during the hearings, not listed below) use Chairman. Then some really “off beat” sites use Chairperson. I personally think that HP should be the authoritative source for how the head of its board is called.



“…Patricia Dunn, chairman of the board…”

“…Patricia Dunn as chairman…”

“..The fate of Patricia Dunn, Chairman of Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP),..”


“HP’s Dunn her chairman’s job”


“Chairwoman Patricia Dunn resigned Friday”

“HP chairwoman Patricia Dunn resigns, effective immediately”

“Chairwoman Leaves Hewlett in Spying Furor”


“Shakeup Continues at HP: Dunn to Step Down as Chairperson”

“Chairperson of the board, Patricia Dunn”

“Hewlett-Packard board yet to decide chairperson Dunn’s fate”

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