Getting Started with Processing

What is Processing?

Processing is a computer language.  It can be downloaded at  It’s creators confess:

Processing seeks to ruin the careers of talented designers by tempting them away from their usual tools and into the world of programming and computation. Similarly, the project is designed to turn engineers and computer scientists to less gainful employment as artists and designers.

It is uses a similar IDE as Arduino.  And many people use Processing and Arduino together.  Processing runs on the computer and can interact with the arduino over the serial port allowing for you to create a bridge between the desktop/online world and your handcrafted/custom electronic devices.

What can you do with Processing?

Ok, interested enough to get this far?  Take a look at these examples:

How to learn Processing?

First you will need to install it:

Then I recommend going through this online tutorial:

If you are using Processing, leave a comment.