Reflections on the Countdown to the Moon from a year ago – 1806 Franz

A year ago I was taking flying lessons a few days a week. I had interviewed the office manager and a person that worked at the front desk. This time I was interviewing Franz, one of the “rampers”. A ramper is responsible for getting the airplanes out of the hanger in the morning, put them on the ramp (the parking place for planes outside of the hanger), making sure they have fuel, oil levels are topped off, and everything else needed for them to fly. And to maintain them throughout the day. At the end of the day to put them back in the hanger and close everything up.

Franz is also a student pilot. Pretty much everyone associated with a flying school either is getting his/her license or has it. I am sure that part of Franz’s compensation (haven’t confirmed) is some flight time or discounted flight time.

In the background you can see this awesome mural of the Wright brothers’ plane inside the hanger. And towards the end of the interview you will hear an airplane starting.

Oh, the days that I was flying. I will fly again!

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