Reflections on Countdown to the Moon a year ago – 1814 – Giavonnah

I am at our neighborhood Starbucks again. Christopher sees some of his classmates. Giavonnah is willing to do an interview. I remember thinking “Who can I ask?” and “How can I ask?”. Going up to people to do an interview was really nerve wracking. I think it still is. I do not think I have gotten any better at this in the past year, because I have been nicely hidden behind zoom. But I am hoping that next month (February) to start interviewing people again in person, randomly on the weekends. And then move more and more of my interviews to in person.

Giavonnah had not heard we are going to the moon in 2024 but she thinks it is “really cool. Amazing. Awesome” But she should not go to a party, would more likely just read about it. She thinks it is good to study and not bad to know more. It is not a waste of money.

What will humanity be like in 500 years? “Like this but times 10” There will likely be robots. But no woods because humanity would have grown so large that we would have chopped them all down. Would we live in places off earth? “Yes. We would find a way”

Did she know about Blue Origin? She did not. But while she would not have an interest in going into orbit, to the moon, or to Mars. She would be interested in going on a 15 minute New Shepard flight.

How can I improve? Keep doing what I’m doing. “Really cool to ask people’s opinion”.

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