Reflections on Countdown to the Moon A Year Ago – 1816 – Brandy

Christopher and I are at Starbucks. I’m wondering who I can interview. It is a question that is constantly on my mind (until I do it for the day). Then I see Brandy. I know her. She’s Carter’s mom. Carter is in Christopher’s class. They did cub scouts together. And easy person to ask.

Watching the video, I notice that no one at that starbucks is wearing a mask. How much the world would change in the next 3 months. Now it is not possible to sit inside of the starbucks and to enter it you must have a mask.

Also, thinking over the past year, I think I interviewed at least 4 people at that starbucks. And I think in the next year I would probably interview a lot more.

Brandy had not heard that we were planning to send people back to the moon in 2024. She things it is “Very Cool. About Time!” “It was Great for the Country the first time. And it would be great for the country the second time.” Carter always looks at the space stuff, but not sure if he knows. But iti definitely means that he was not excited enough about it to talk to his family about it in an exciting thing. I think one avenue to spread the knowledge and the excitement is through the schools. Every school child should know that we are going back to the moon. They should be excited about it. and they should know that they have a chance to go. So excited about it that they talk to their parents, friends, and family about it. Then most people would know.

Brandy would not personally go to space. She is “a chicken” she says. But she would encourage others to go.

She is not so sure there is much more to learn on the moon. I think this is where we need to be able to talk some more. In some respects we treat the moon as something that is already known, already explored. But in reality we have not explored much of it. Some say that we know more about the moon than the deep seas. But is that really true? And how would we measure this knowledge to compare it in a realistic way?

What is good about going to the moon? It brought us all together that first time. But will it really do it the second time? The Covid lockdowns brought us together in probably a more profound way than a moon landing could.

Will they make the 2024 landing. “Pretty likely. Could do it today if they wanted to.”

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