Countdown to the Moon – 1 year ago 1819 – Roopa

Sonia and I were taking tennis lessons last year at Giammalva racquet club. I saw Roopa and Venky there. They were waiting for their son to finish tennis lessons. Venky didn’t want to do an interview (I hope he changes his mind in the next 4 years), but Roopa was willing.

One of the striking things about the interview with Roopa was the reverence for nature and the disdain for humanity. Roopa expressed a clear view that nature is good and humanity changing nature is bad. “Humans are needy and greedy”. “There is no depth to what humans can do” “Somethings should remain mysterious.”

I wonder where these views come from. What causes us to think that changes are bad. That progress is not possible. That humanity will always choose to consume, exploit, and destroy.

Roopa does not think humanity should expand out to space. Keep space for nature and earth for humanity.

The idea of using space to protect the earth is not something that Roopa found worthwhile.

I wonder how many people share these views. What can we learn from them? How can we address them?

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