Reflecting on a discussion with Aubrey a year ago for Countdown to the Moon (1837)

“Who to interview?” “who to ask?” “How to ask?” “what to ask?”

My niece, Pooja, and my children Stephen & Christopher, and my wife Sonia go to this little coffee shop from time to time. I do not remember who all was with us a year ago, I feel certain Pooja and at least one or both of my children were there. It bugs me a little that I can not remember it clearly.

I do not like asking people at work for an interview. I feel like it is a little more pressure than you should have. And also, I’m not sure that the owner of the place would appreciate their employees taking time out to interview.

But I am glad that Aubrey was up to it.

1837 – Aubrey

Several things from the interview. I think it might need to be shorter, and to set the expectations at the beginning. I feel like Aubrey is really wondering when it will end. Is this the last question.

I think to address this, I should just tell people up front how the interview will go.

I’d like you to say a little bit about yourself. And then I have three questions that I will ask:

  1. did you know that NASA was planning to send people to the moon in 2024?
  2. What do you think about it?
  3. If it were safe and affordable would you go to space?

And we can go into each of these areas a little more if you want.

I’ve interviewed a few other people at restaurants while they were working. This is by no means a complete list:

1767 – Francesco

1772 – Efe Akgul

1777 – Leslie

1795 – Opal

1796 – Syed

1809 – Sierra

1813 – David

1486 – Jennifer

I look forward to interviewing people in person again on a regular basis.

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