Interviewing Cole & Evi for Countdown to the Moon – 12/18/2019

I started the Countdown to the Moon project with my niece, Pooja. Interviewing her was easy. Just turn on the recorder and start talking

The next step was to go and talk to strangers, to people I had not talked to before. That was the point of the project. To get comfortable talking to people in person.

I do not remember all we had done at that time. Remember COVID19 would not be a thing for another 3 months in Houston. We went to the gym because Pooja and my son Stephen are really big into physical fitness. I personally don’t like going to the gym. I don’t know what to do there. I am not used to working out. It is already an uncomfortable setting.

I remember thinking throughout the day “Who can I interview?” At the gym I see the people at the front desk. And I consider interviewing them. I have to work up the nerve to do it.

I remember thinking of “What will they think about me asking about the moon? Will they think I’m a crazy?”

I’m not sure how I approached them. Probably something like “I’m doing a project interviewing people about our return to the moon. Can I interview you?”

They were at work. (Well, at least one of them, the other I think was just visiting.) And I feel a little odd about asking people at work. But they were just chatting to each other, why not ask.

Cole and Evi immediately agreed. And they were supportive of my project. It gave me a lot of confidence to have this first friendly encounter.

I found out later that they went to Christopher’s high school and that he knew of them. Christopher said that they were friendly and good people. And talking to them gave me a lot of hope for our future and happiness that the next generation is positive and supportive.

They did not know that NASA was sending people to the moon, but thought it was exciting. They do not have an interest in going to space. “That takes a special person”. When asked what we might find on the moon, they respond “Aliens”. And that may seem like a goof answer. It seems unlikely that we would find aliens on the moon. But it also seemed unlikely that there would be water ice. And considering that one side of the moon always faces away from the earth, and the other side always faces the earth, what better vantage point is there to hide your activities and to have places to observe the earth from.

“Aliens!” Why are we so sure of what is impossible? Why can we be so sure of what we won’t find? If we focus to much on something, and believe something is impossible, we will never see it.

Consider this awareness test:

Look what we can miss when we focus too much on one thing.

Going to the moon makes them wonder “What else is out there?”

I remember a year ago my project was off to a good start.

Regarding the Chronicle article, it was supposed to be in print yesterday, but they had to make space for something else so it was held. It might go out another day. Lets see…

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