Happy New Year!

“HAPPY NEW YEAR” was the text message I received.  “Thanks!! Happy new year!! Any new year’s resolutions?”  I texted back.

Setting New Years resolutions is a traditional as fireworks (and often just as short lived.)  Setting them is something that we do every year, and often forget by the mid part of January.  We usually think of them at the last moment on Dec. 31st, or when we are asked.  Or it is something that we have been struggling to do for a while and are looking for a way to make progress.

“Be happier — how about you?” is what I got back.

Seems like a good goal.  But how does one “become happier”?  My experience is that trying to be happy is sort of like trying to fall asleep.  The more you focus on it, the less likely it is to happen.  “Happiness is something that happens when you are making other plans” is what my Grandmother used to say.   So, what are the other plans that I plan to make?

“I was thinking of blogging something on gadgetnate.com everday.  I fiture if I have to write something everyday then it would force me to do something worth writing about.”

Or at least force me to look at part of my life, think about it, and put it in a form that would make sense on paper.  So that is my new year’s resolution.  And I hear by designate all you you readers out there my accountability partners to make sure I stay on track.

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