Around…Not Over

I was pretty excited yesterday.  Deep into John Grisham’s book “The Associate” (audio book version) and I thought I had found the solution to waking up in the morning and going running.  Check out “The Exercise Excuse Combo” post to learn more.   I would have loved to reported that I sprung from my bed at 6AM, donned the headsets, pressed play, and started my exercise routine.  Instead, the alarm went off, I was in the middle of some dreams, and felt I would be better off waiting until 7AM to get up.

This is may seem like failure, but I don’t think it is.  Some people are morning people, and some people are evening people.  Many people are forced to be on one schedule or the other.  But if you have a choice, then perhaps you should choose the path of least resistance.  Perhaps it would be better to follow your nature on somethings, rather than stick to some preconceived notions on what we should be doing.

Instead of trying to exercise at 6AM, how about exercise at 8AM.  The kids are dropped off.  I haven’t pushed myself to get up against my nature.  It is still early enough in the day that I can do it consistently, and at a time when it isn’t too hot in the summer.  Plus it allows for me to start off the day with that sense of accomplishment.

Sometimes the best way to the other side of the mountain is to go around instead of forcing ourselves to go over.

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