Microsoft Live Write Plugins

I have started to use Create Commons licensed photos on my lessons.  Here are some examples:

image image image image


I have been manually putting the attribution watermark on the pictures and the link back to the source of the picture.  Plus I have been using the creative commons search tool to find the pictures:

This probably means a few minutes of work for each picture that could be avoided.  At OpenCamp a wordpress plugin was demonstrated, but I use Microsoft Live Writer to write my posts.  And a Livewriter plugin would fit me better.  In a search for that, I found a lot of plugins for livewriter that look really good.  Take a look at this list:

I could not find something that would restrict searching for creative commons photos.  There is a plugin for Flickr, but there are no options to search for creative commons.  The code is provided, so maybe this is something that I could add.



Do you use Microsoft Livewriter?  Do you know of a plugin for this?  What are your most useful and favorite plugins?

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