Yesterday I was visiting a friend two streets over from where I live.  After we got past the normal, “how are you doing?”, “What’s been going on?”, “Can I get you something to eat/drink?” phase, my neighbor says, “Did you send a guy over here last week?”

To which I responded, “No, of course not.”  Then I thought back to last week.

Last week I was pulling in the drive way and there was a guy walking away from my house.  When he saw me pull up he walked back and address me, “Good afternoon”.  He was going around selling those coupon books.  I really didn’t want one.  But I thought why not.  So, I got one.  Then he said that his boss was wanting to keep track of people he sold the book to.  And had a form for name & address.

Now putting these two events together, I can only assume that this guy then went to all my neighbors, and said that I had sent him there…

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