USB Cell – Rechargable “USB” AA battery

Recharge this AA battery using your USB port:

Takes 5 hours to get 90% charged.

$16.75 to buy 2.

Registry mystery solved

Ok.. seems minor, but it has puzzled me for a long time. We do server changes at work via a set of files some of which add registry entries. And we are supposed to have a set of “roll back” files that will undo what we did. For the longest time, we did not know how to delete a registry value via a .reg file. And so had manual instruction on how to delete it manually. well, today, I just happen to do a search on Google and found out:


Research resources on the internet

List of 119 authoritative sources on the internet, besides Google

GeoHive – Global stats



New ways to search Wikipedia

WikiMind Map:

Look at this search for “cell”


Also, you can try WikiSeek.

Random websites

CSS Generator for column and box layouts:

Transparent monitor spoofs on flickr

Network connection speed test


Math Gems

Color Scheme references

70 coolest free apps

LinuxMCE – Media Center Extender


Ron Paul for President 2008


Timezone check

Write some code online and see it run

This is an interesting site. You can write code in Pascal, basic, C++, ASM, Perl, JavaScript, HTML??, Flex, MySql, Prolog, LISP, Math? and see it run. All from your web browser.

Looking for the right word?

Trying to describe a smell, a taste, a look? Need a good word? Want to see some choices? Take a look at this list: