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1. Walter Bender met with Carole Wacey of Mouse works with youth on technology mentoring programs. Children at are already actively engaged in authoring tutorials and videos about the XO and the older children (middle and high school) are interested in mentoring the elementary-school children who would be getting the XOs.

3. Villa Cardal: While anyone can watch videos on YouTube, children with XOs are posting videos. A video shot on an XO, “parto de una vaca (birth of a calf),” was posted by a 10-year-old child who is participating in the Villa Cardal trial in Uruguay (Please see

5. $1 video microscope: A video of Mary Lou’s prototype microscope attachment for the XO video camera is posted on the web (Please see In the video, she compares various LCD screens. The microscope, which has ~ 100× magnification, could be useful to analyzing water quality, among other things.

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