Moving Gadgetnate a.k.a. adveture in upgrading wordpress

I started using WordPress on back when version 2.0 was out.  The latest version is 2.2.. So, two significant releases have been made since I started using WordPress.  I started using 2.2 for and could see many improvements… the auto save feature was one.  But I saw no compelling reason to upgrade.

Well, I changed hosts.  And at, they have the one click install for WordPress 2.2.  So, this presented a problem… how to get my 2.0 blog from one site over to the next.

A big feature that is missing in 2.0 is the ability to export.  This feature has been added to 2.2.  So, the easiest thing seem to be to upgrade the 2.0 to 2.2, export, then import it in at the new host.  After googling the upgrade process, I found that upgrading was a matter of overwriting the files and then accessing /wp-admin/upgrade.php.  This prompted me with a message saying that the database needed to be updated.   I clicked “OK”.  Then, just like that, I was on WordPress 2.2.

I exported the file.  But I had sooooo many comments, 7,000+ that it timedout before doing a full export.  Seems I had been hit by some comment spam.  I accessed the MySql database deleted all the records in the comment table.  Then I was able to export and import in.

Then I just needed to copy over the theme, and that was it.  And now here we are!!

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