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Just to make you smile………From today’s Sydney Morning Herald
EASTER has been celebrated around the world in the traditional manner.

At the White House, President Shrub took the first ceremonial bite from a 181-kilogram hot cross bun baked by the Bible-Believing Halliburton Executives of America and called for world peace.

“This cookie is why, um, we got Eden and Eve in The Garden of, er, Adam and all that stuff,” the President said. “The United States will not leave Iraq till, um, them folks there get with the Bible good news.”

In Rome, pilgrims from around the world flocked into St Peter’s Square to hear the midnight Easter message from Pope Benzedrine. In a solemn ritual as old as Christianity itself, television cameramen battled to obtain a close-up shot of a pious but regrettably ugly nun clutching a candle.

Speaking in his native German and then a language Vatican officials believed might have been Swahili, the Pontiff called on the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby to come forward and confess.

“Zeigen Sie uns das Geld,” he told the crowd. “Show us the money.”

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